Old Pixels

"In my day..."

          Grandpa Pixel is not just a team. It is a team where it can keep growing! Anyone can become an Old Pixel as long as they enjoy the old fashioned retro stuff! But to become an Old Pixel, you have to prove it!

You see, rather than using everyone in the team for a single project, we use the ones most suitable for the project! So rather than having 50+ people doing small parts of the project, we have a few freelancers working on the whole project, showing their true skills!

"King Tetiro"

Jeremy Beare
The first Grandpa Pixel!

I have been building games as a hobby for the last 10 years with no intention to stop! My calling is the art of building triple A role playing game experiences! I specialize in them! Apart from Audio, I tend to be skill in most aspects. For most of the projects, I do the programming, graphics, design and testing. Do I ever get a break?


Satako "Holly" Young
The first Grandma Pixel! Our friend Holly here provides lovely music for your games!

As an elementary school kid, she has been fascinated at how programming languages could be used to create sounds! Since then, she has making sounds with her first project being composing the Dragon Warrior 3's Ending Theme in 8-Bit!

Want her to do some work? Drop her a line on her website
Greg Ellingworth The second Grandma Pixel! This man produces all our sound effects!

Want him to do some work? Drop him a line at greg_ellingworth@hotmail.co.uk