"I remember the day when all games were 2D and had crisp pixels..."
"Sigh...those were the days"

          Here at Grandpa Pixel, 16-Bit games are not a retro trend, they are a choice. We love making them! The crisp design, colour and style makes most of them timeless and something to love and adore for new and old gamers. We aim to make good quality 16-Bit games that bring back the feel of playing them back in the 90s!

          Grandpa Pixel originally started out in 2005 developing games as hobby. Now, we develop games to please the fans of the gaming generations that have come and gone. And with many years of developing games as a hobby, we're ready to show our stuff!

Who are the Old Pixels?

          We do things a little differently though. We want to make games that encapture the joy of superheroes. And of course the supervillains!